Nutrient limitation on global C cycles (ongoing)

Nutrient limitation is identified as one of the most important factors that influences plant growth and the global terrestrial carbon cycle. Most natural plants are limited by either nitrogen (e.g. in boreal regions) or phosphorus (e.g. in tropical regions), which significantly constrains the response of terrestrial ecosystem to scenarios of elevated CO2 and changing climate. In this project, we aim to quantify how nutrient limitations influence global C cycles with the help of the C-N-P fulling coupling model QUINCY.

This project is a part of an ongoing EU earth system model developing program (ESM2025). We aim to couple QUINCY into the land module of next generation earth system model ICON as an alternative to better understand the complex biogeochemical cycles.

Dr. Cheng Gong (宫成)
Dr. Cheng Gong (宫成)

My research interests include global biogeochemical C-N cycles, atmosphere-biosphere interactions and atmospheric chemistry.